Why This Website?

This site is used to name and shame bad payers who have not made a signle payment to a small business or continuously miss payments. They thrive on small busniesses or companies due to not having the time or resources to do anything about it. This is where we come in, we can be the help that any small busniess or company needs to get back at the bad payers costing them so much.

Why Us?

Most of people who do not pay back what they owe often stay unscathed so we are dedicated to stopping that from happening again. We will work as hard as we have to, to insure you get your money back and they get the justice they deserve.

Why We Want To Help You?

Late or non payments can have the potental to destroy a busniess or company, if you are a small company and someone is either late paying you or hasn’t paid it at all that could spell out the potental end of the busniess.

We are to help put an end to it, all we need from you is the information and invoice of and about the payer and we can start the investigation to get you every penny you are owed. 

Let's make these client's payout - together!

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